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The Good Chocolate Hub organization creates connections: Between cocoa production and chocolate consumption, between indulgence and responsible action, and between food and politics. We organize the SCHOGGIFESTIVAL EHRUNDREDLICH, offer sustainable chocolate events for organizations and groups as well as workshops in schools and engage in advocacy work for a fair and ethical supply chain.

Workshops at schools
The workshop is about providing background information on cocoa cultivation, its challenges and the associated responsibility of consumers in a playful way.
Advocacy & Networking
The Good Chocolate Hub is politically active. And: We see ourselves as a hub for networking and joint action with other players in the chocolate movement.
Chocolate Tastings & Events
Yes, chocolate can be tasted just as well as wine, cheese or coffee. Did you know that chocolate has more different aromas, flavors and textures than almost any other food or drink in the world? Whether for an anniversary, a GM, a themed event, a farewell party or a housewarming: a chocolate tasting adds a special touch to the event.
Keynote, Panels & Information
Whether it's a panel discussion, symposium or themed evening, we are interested in conveying the complex relationships between sensual chocolate and conflict-ridden cocoa to a diverse audience in a concise and accessible way - or interactively contributing our specialist knowledge. It is important for us to recognize the connections in the current chocolate value chain and to be able to see them in a historical and political context. We want a Schoggijob for all players in the chocolate production system.
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Latest News

26.4., 3.5., 17.5., 24.5. 2024, 10 – 13h in Zurich

Ethical Chocolate Tours in Zürich 

Switzerland is famous for chocolate – but its most important ingredient does not grow here. So what is the story behind, and where do the cocoa beans come from? How can we taste chocolate with all of our senses, and what it means to produce it in an ethical way? Join our tour to find out!

Our chocolate tour begins with an interactive workshop at the Gebana store, where you will learn how to taste chocolate like an expert, find out how Switzerland became a land of chocolate without cocoa plantations and learn about the human and environmental challenges facing the chocolate industry. We will travel by public transport to our next stop – a bean-to-bar chocolate factory. You will have the unique opportunity to observe every step of the production process and see how bean-to-bar chocolate is made – from the raw beans to the finished bar. Diana Fischer from our partner organization Detours Zürich, Andrea Hüsser, and Evelyn Knapwerth from the Good Chocolate Hub guide the tour.

Price: 79 CHF p.p.
Meeting point: at Sihlquai Bus Station Google maps
Starting time: 10.00
Duration: 3 hrs
Language: English

Inclusions: private guide, a chocolate workshop, tastings, entrance to a chocolate manufactory
Note: You will need a public transportation ticket.

Booking and further information: Detours Zürich

24. March 2024, 10-17 Uhr, Mühle Tiefenbrunnen, Zurich


The Schoggifestival ehrundredlich entered its third round on 24 March 2024.

Once again at the beautiful Mühle Tiefenbrunnen  – with 28 exhibitors, 17 inputs, workshops, tastings and critical chocolate talks, lots of fabulous people and a great atmosphere.

Almost 1000 visitors stocked up on knowledge as well as mindfully and sustainably produced chocolate and cocoa creations, and everyone on this day helped to show that new approaches to chocolate production are possible.

→ Looking back: Schoggifestival 2024

6 March 2024, 18:30 – 20:30, at the Gebana store in Zurich

Chocolate: What does fair taste like? – Tasting & short lecture

How can we sustainably change the trade for cocoa farmers? What does good chocolate taste like? Taste, discuss and travel through the history, politics and flavours of chocolate and cocoa with Cathrine Cornella from Gebana and Andrea Hüsser from the Good Chocolate Hub.

Friday, 23 February 2024, 08:30 – 12:15, Alpeneggstrasse 5, 3012 Bern

Further education in business and law – The Small Chocolate Case, Bern

The Good Chocolate Hub team has developed teaching material aimed at secondary school students of economics and law. For teachers who teach these subjects or are interested in the subject matter, we offer further training.


An introduction to the global challenges of the chocolate industry: The Small Chocolate Case – How small chocolate companies tackle big problems.

Practical examples in the focus of business education

Presentation of a case study:

The international cocoa and chocolate market as well as four young chocolate companies form the learning object in order to link economic and business management topics. A holistic view is taken along the supply chain – from the cocoa farmer in Ghana to the consumer in Switzerland. The social, ecological and economic challenges are analysed from various perspectives and practical solutions are presented.

Course instructor:

Ildikó Gyomlay, Development of educational projects Good Chocolate Hub (teacher of economics and law)

Andrea Hüsser, Co-founder and Managing Director of Good Chocolate Hub

Scope of teaching material:

20 pages with facts, short theoretical inputs, solution approaches and tasks including solutions and video contributions (for 8 to 10 lessons). The material can be used directly in the classroom.

The bitter truth behind the beloved chocolate

We need to talk. Public Eye speaks plainly | Podcast

Switzerland is the world champion when it comes to eating chocolate. But the sweet chocolate has a dark side. Working conditions on cocoa plantations are problematic, living wages are still a long way off and child labour is widespread. Traditional labels and certificates alone cannot solve the problem. Nevertheless, Andrea Hüsser from the Good Chocolate Hub is not losing hope. She tells Nico Meier about a new generation of chocolate manufacturers who want to produce chocolate without the bitter aftertaste of exploitation.

Find out more about current chocolate events, tastings, workshops, national and international cocoa policy, campaigns and chocolate hotspots